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Creating a Safe Place in an Unsafe World

ApexFlame is a recognized center of excellence for FAA flammability testing & certification lab services.

With proven expertise, we are qualified to satisfy your requirements efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively. Local access to FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) further streamlines flammability certification, saving you time and money.

How will your products, subsystems or components operate when exposed to fire conditions? Flammability testing is required for products used in a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, and Consumer Electronics. ApexFlame has the expertise and capacity to meet your flammability testing & certification needs.

Generally, most aviation cabin compartment materials, including seat cover fabrics, curtain materials, carpet, leather and foam, must meet flammability requirements. ApexFlame can test your material to FAA regulations in as little as 24 hours. We can then immediately transfer your data/results to electronic media. The cost is minimal, and we offer a discount with the purchase of volume testing.

Our FAA Flammability Testing Services Include:

  • Vertical and Horizontal Testing
  • 45 Degree Panel Testing
  • 60 Degree Wire Testing
  • Trash Containers
  • FAA Materials Handbook Testing

Rely On Our Expertise

ApexFlame is recognized throughout a wide range of industries as the experts in flammability testing & certification of interior cabin, cargo compartment, and vendor supplied materials.

This includes generating engineering data, conformity of test articles, and FAA approval. We perform testing daily to meet your project needs.

The staff at ApexFlame stays up to date on Federal Aviation Administration policies and procedures from the different regions within the US.

No matter whether your company requires one or more of the tests that we provide, or you would like a confidential facility to conduct research testing, ApexFlame has the experience and expertise to provide your company with a road map to achieve your project objectives.

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